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D-68309 Mannheim

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About Turning

What type of roll and shaft are you looking for?

We believe in using our knowledge to the benefit of our customers. We therefore fabricate high-precision and innovative rotation-symmetrical machine parts up to a length of 10,000 mm and a diameter of 1,000 mm. Our work on a variety of contours and the turning of individual roll types according to your specifications are warranted by state-of-the-art machine technology, including manual turning.

  Cycle-controlled turning up to a maximum weight of 4 tons:    
  Ø above the bed up to 1000 mm  
  Ø above the plane carriage 720 mm  
  At a length of up to 10000 mm  
Listed below are examples of work pieces- out of 200 types - we fabricate in accordance with client specifications and drawings:

- Pick-up rolls
- web guide rollers
- Chrome rollers
- Desintegrator shafts
- Pressure cylinders
- High-grade steel rollers
- Eccentric shafts
- Ink ductors
- Guide shafts
- Guide columns
- Impression cylinders
- Cast-iron rollers
- Heated rollers
- Calanders
- Chill rollers
- Rotor shafts
- Blade shafts
- Machine components for mills
- Embossing rolls
- Screen rollers
- Pipes/Tubes
- Suction rollers
- Reels
- Reversing rollers
- VA rollers
- Roller shafts
- Water wheel shafts
- Protective sleeves for shafts
- Radial vane rotors
- Fabrication of rollers and
  shafts of all kinds
  (charged at hourly rate)