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Our new measuring arm, a portable CMM device

Direct machine measuring used to be difficult due to the imprecision of the available tools as well as the complexity of machine programming. For this reason, we are now using high-precision CMM devices. The main advantage is the simple construction and easy operation of the device as well as the fact that the required narrow tolerances can be achieved even in non-airconditioned workshop environments.

The universal measuring device

The measuring arm has an operating volume of 1200 mm and a precision grade of up to ±0.005 mm. Numerous attachment options allow the simple and quick employment of the measuring arm directly at the work station.
As a high-precision measuring instrument with built-in temperature compensation, the measuring arm is primarily used in fabrication. It not only replaces traditional manual measuring devices, but also handles sophisticated measuring tasks in the area of form and position tolerances with ease. This innovative system makes it thereby possible to take all measurements, quickly and easily, directly during the fabrication process.

Name change to Abend Maschinenbau-e.K. and redesign of company profile

In the summer of 2007, we changed the name of our firm from Heinrich Abend Präzisionsschleiferei e.K. to Abend-Maschinenbau e.K. The continuous expansion of our business fields around the core competencies of turning, grinding, and fabricating preceded this change.
This business decision prompted us to fundamentally change our image and means of communication. First steps in this direction are our new logo and our new homepage. We will now have the evening star (Abend-Stern) symbol incorporated in our logo.

The team at Abend Maschinenbau is looking forward to continued and successful collaboration.
FARO measuring arm, a portable CMM device